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Representing the Beauty of Polynesia

The beauty of the Polynesian islands is more than just sandy beaches, tropical weather, and a mai tai in a coconut.

The Polynesian islands embody something found no where else. In Hawai'i, we call it the Aloha Spirit, but throughout Polynesia, and the Pacific, one never fails to find it. Polynesian beauty is rooted in our past, our people, and our protection of all we are as islanders. From the intricate motifs that tell stories of our journey, to the beautiful colors that paint our land and seas, to the people who build and grow amazing communities,

we truly have a home like no where else in the world.

The RG Shop hopes to embody this beauty in all we do on our journey. Our products and services are unique to this mission. Every item we showcase has been designed in house. Our designs can be found no where else and we take pride in the time and effort we put into each and every one of our products and services.

The RG Shop has a vision of blending the old and new. We take traditional symbols, motifs, colors, and elements of our Polynesian culture and incorporate fresh and modern aspects that give us a canvas to create and build on.

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